Soul Fire

Unforgettable life doesn’t exist
My burning soul desires for a feast
I look in the mirror and I see your face,
Collisions of stars in your eyes in slow pace,
I mean like slow motion in a Hollywood movie:
Explosions in the sky- awe and fury
My only desire is soul…

Fire is my only desire
Fire! Desire for a feast
Fire is a real bliss

My soul lives in the ether of the outer space,
Where the living and the dead kiss and embrace,
The life goes on and the heart gives the beat
And my ardent feeling move every toe on my feet
My only desire is soul fire

An artwork without an end is a bliss,
Without the final tableaux and remix,
Without curtains that fall and cut
The life in two pieces: a happy and a sad
My ardent soul works as an amplifier
My only desire is soul fire!

Author: adaniff

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