Объявляем войну

Красным цветом луна в небе

Кровью пишет, ночь ждёт

Тех, кто поближе, огонь слижет

Пустят в расход.

Надоело нам смотреть на луну.

Первым делом объявляем войну.

Ненавидеть много проще, чем любить,

За идею обреем, за трофеи убить,

Крикнуть слава и заплыть в жуть и хмарь…

Свою душу положить на алтарь.

Ворон кружит, крылом вьюжит сквозь пелену.

Первым делом объявляем войну.

Брат не станет без устали

Матом крыть, бить челом

Война грянет, шкуру стянет, всё на слом всем на зло.

Смерть не может заклинать сатану

Первым делом объявляем войну.

Что ж нам надо, коль мы рады

Растоптать в пыль и прах

На гранаты и награды обменяли свой страх.

Чёрт не страшен, обновляем страну,

Первым делом объявляем войну.

Что нам делать? Мы у чёрта в плену.

Первым делом объявляем войну.

From the heights of deepest depth

When I get high, I have the desire

Of getting even higher until I’ve expired

And then I’d cry that I need much more time

To write a new piece with an incredible rhyme.

That’s what’s called life, if you look inside

So, better don’t lie to yourself

And everything’s gonna be allright…

Hey, guys, listen to my rhymes

They’ll lead you through the tunnel

To the sunny side.

Hey, guys, listen to my rhymes,

Nobody’s perfect maybe

And you have no things to sacrifice

When I smoke weed and read

The words that do not fit to my suit

I skip that shit with humor and wit

And then I need a well-stocked first aid kit

To have somebody’s work complete

Without bill and receipt

Pool of truth

Now light is thrown on the story of mirrors

All time dissolved in space

Alice walked through the looking glass

And I forgot the call of blood

And I feel good, when I feel you

Has it ever been explained, how to heel all sorts of pain?

You see the full moon step out of shadows soon,

Reflect the shine of sun and write that story down

With silver shades on water glades,

With hieroglyphs on jagged cliffs

And the waves are reading aloud those signs to rainy clouds.

And in that thunderstorm my soul was reborn,

With lightning’s fireworks it reached the equinox

And I forgot the realm of arts

Give all for love or all for God

Let skies pour rain on you right from the pool of truth

Getting stronger

In the dark of a black night

Under stars and satellites

Love and hope are spiked

With low shine of starlight

There’s another day to feel lonely…

Every thought has gone

It shook me to the core

Like a crazy clown

With the Jesus’ crown

I’m playing myself into the ground

With deep bluesy sound…

Ref.:      With every blow you’ve been just knocked out

You’re getting stronger

And when your heart is torn apart

That’s the best sign for a new start

Let’s go outside,

Let’s find a bride

Let’s make a parade,

Take beer out of the crate

Crank up the volume,

Exhaust smoke and fumes

You’re looking like a groom

Flowers in the air

I will go on trip into wild prairies

I will search for trees full of harmonies, plants full of melodies

I do like their scent

I know them by their names

There’s no space for human trace

Every leaf you see there hides the sense of grace

Just switch off and carry on

Enjoying the sun

All in meditation

Fly across the prairies singing like a nightingale

With wind in my hair

And flowers in the air

What a precious moment!

What a fairy tale!

And so you’re growing up to purple skies

You cannot be indifferent and disguise

You live as no one else and see the long quest

You’re flying high in the sky over the cuckoo’s nest

Riding wave’s crest

I think I saw the sign

My soul is getting back to you

Drifting along the coast of deep black nights

That’s the only thing you can do

My sad and happy odyssey

One day will wash me ashore

But what you might find there

No one can know.

Life’s like the ocean

That has its storms and calms

Some ships would sink, some ships would sail,

Some people safe, some people drown.

You might find a treasure island there

And then die for food in a gold mine,

You might survive and live an isolated life.

You are my Penelope

You are my zero longitude

You are my d, o, p, e,

Prelude and interlude,

You are an aftermath

After the years of emptiness

You are my north and south

Mild east and wild west,

My bliss and life’s jest,

You beat in my chest,

I’m riding wave’s crest.

I’m bearing мой крест.

Every day forever

The new morning turned all lights on

And all lights silently prayed to heaven

The old day’s gone and a new one’s begun

Let the day last forever

Sun follows its way

With beams breaking away

Floating tiny feathers

Clouds disappeared

And you have no fear

That you feel every day forever

Summer’s marching down the street

Do you see that? Listen

To mother nature’s voice that sings and rejoices

Her prayer says in magic voice

Hey, girls and boys,

Every day lasts forever!

Sunrise, zenith, then dusk and night

It’s so clever

Stars fall and the moon calls for everyone

Who wants to live forever

Ten stands for love

Love isn’t something new

We all fall in and pull it though

Love ain’t never out of bounds

It turns and bites, and fools you around

So be my zero, I’ll be the only one

Together we make ten

That’s how life’s begun

So be my zero, the magic sign of peace

Please turn around the axis

And hold me, and release

Love’s full of surprising thrill

It’s like the motor behind a grille

Love’s something inside you

You cannot tell, but you feel it for sure

All good things

All good things go by in threes

But what shall we do? There are two of us.

So should we keep on turning fortune’s wheel?

Or just give up and ignite the night?

REF:.      Two paths we had to walk

Two places we have been

Too tired to drop the load

Of everlasting memories

Three times I’ve let you know,

What is my sweetest thing.

It’s playing on my mind stereo

It’s burning in my breast at 2080 degrees


And you smile like Mona to a small child

And you smile like Mona to a small child

4000 miles

4000 miles to kill the night desire

Too many years to understand why

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done

It doesn’t matter who first fired the gun


I’m running, running to the other side

My heart’s burning, that is how I feel tonight

Like Darth Vader, black side of the evil force.

Help me, creator, to get out of the place I was born into…


Tongue twister, led load laying on my tongue,

And every word I’m saying sounds weird, totally wrong.

Please, don’t accuse me, there’s no way of a perfect life,

Please, no excuses, there’s nothing you can do, but you try…

to understand why …

you are running when your heart’s burning

you are running…

4000 miles to kill the night desire…

too many years…

it doesn’t matter, what you have done…

does it matter?