4000 miles

4000 miles to kill the night desire

Too many years to understand why

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done

It doesn’t matter who first fired the gun


I’m running, running to the other side

My heart’s burning, that is how I feel tonight

Like Darth Vader, black side of the evil force.

Help me, creator, to get out of the place I was born into…


Tongue twister, led load laying on my tongue,

And every word I’m saying sounds weird, totally wrong.

Please, don’t accuse me, there’s no way of a perfect life,

Please, no excuses, there’s nothing you can do, but you try…

to understand why …

you are running when your heart’s burning

you are running…

4000 miles to kill the night desire…

too many years…

it doesn’t matter, what you have done…

does it matter?

Author: adaniff

more info on adaniff.com

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