Riding wave’s crest

I think I saw the sign

My soul is getting back to you

Drifting along the coast of deep black nights

That’s the only thing you can do

My sad and happy odyssey

One day will wash me ashore

But what you might find there

No one can know.

Life’s like the ocean

That has its storms and calms

Some ships would sink, some ships would sail,

Some people safe, some people drown.

You might find a treasure island there

And then die for food in a gold mine,

You might survive and live an isolated life.

You are my Penelope

You are my zero longitude

You are my d, o, p, e,

Prelude and interlude,

You are an aftermath

After the years of emptiness

You are my north and south

Mild east and wild west,

My bliss and life’s jest,

You beat in my chest,

I’m riding wave’s crest.

I’m bearing мой крест.

Author: adaniff

more info on adaniff.com

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