Closing Gestalt

It’s hard to explain, how it feels, when butterflies melt,

And world bursts into thousands of multicolored rays

That fly away back to the starting point…

Is this the end for us or just the begining?

Are there any differences, how to say and what to express,

Are there any differences?

Time’s like the sand on a beach

Erasing all traces with gentle waves

No need to pretend that nothing happened, occurred,

We can’t be cured as long as we want to be secure

Closing Gestalt,

Fill in the gap,

It’s the shape of a heart

That’s all that you had.

If a low doesn’t let you go

Living on the edge of a razor blade, 
Since I was born with an ace of spades 
Got nothing to escape breakdown 
I’m running out of fuel
What do you want to do?

If a low doesn’t let you go,
Would you stay quiet
Eating your heart out?

Bleeding from the soul 
With blood as black as coal 
Poisoned with all sorts of addictions, pain, stop-and-go rain
That’s making me insane,
since May my senses say sun spays, Sensei says

If a low doesn’t let you go
Keep calm crying your heart out
Crying your heart out.

When you’ve got no one to hold onto,
You run away and get stoned

You’re my only hope to survive among that mob 
I’m trying to receive some inspiration to explore
I’m trying to receive some inspiration to explode

Black hole star

I would’ve killed myself in the very minute I saw you,

If I just knew, what it would mean for my soul

Keep on burning all the time,

Keep on hiding pain in wine

I’ve found and lost myself in the spices of life

Though never tried to cut the largest slice

I’ll never get over you

Whoever you are

And from every point of view

You’re like a black hole star

Used to complain and quote “Life is a mess”

But we need to live nevertheless

We’ll never get over that

Whatever we do

You said I’m a spoiled brat

I’m a weirdo

You should’ve never kept that cold in your heart

I should’ve never loved, ‘cause love’s as blind as a bat

You never get over me

Whoever we are

Once you might see in glee,

I’m like a tsar arts star.

What is the true love

Never felt this way before,

Breathing in thorns of roses,

The raven croaked Nevermore

And that word transposes

Fine-tuned low frequency stylus,

Ascending Dorian scale diminution

Never felt this way before,

Forever young ambitions

Right out of the blue

Came white parachutes

They gave me a clue

What is the true…

Never loved this way before

All consuming, killing desire

Like a king caught in the wrong role

Without a queen and an empire.

Drinking sweetheart’s apple juice,

Happily lighting a bonfire,

Hate your playing fast and loose,

Catch 22 in a cross-fire

Never died this way before

Got soaked up into memento’s photo collection

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Abjection, allergic reaction