What is the true love

Never felt this way before,

Breathing in thorns of roses,

The raven croaked Nevermore

And that word transposes

Fine-tuned low frequency stylus,

Ascending Dorian scale diminution

Never felt this way before,

Forever young ambitions

Right out of the blue

Came white parachutes

They gave me a clue

What is the true…

Never loved this way before

All consuming, killing desire

Like a king caught in the wrong role

Without a queen and an empire.

Drinking sweetheart’s apple juice,

Happily lighting a bonfire,

Hate your playing fast and loose,

Catch 22 in a cross-fire

Never died this way before

Got soaked up into memento’s photo collection

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Abjection, allergic reaction

Author: adaniff

more info on adaniff.com

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