Blues for the sun

I see the sun rolling down the blinds,
Sky’s melting the horizon’s line
And verses come clear and close to my mind.
I want to run with wide open arms through a field of rye,
Want to cry my heart out with all my might.
When the sun’s skimming stones across the sea
Coloring sunset waves with goldfish that slowly disappear
like in a dream.

I’ll follow the sun drowning sorrows
What’ ll come out of this I don’t know
Why I feel good,
Everything’s all right

My blues for the sun is breaking all rules
And firing the gun
The bullets are shining but they’re doing no harm
They are just bringing starlight to the ground
Celestial glare, chromatic aura, colorful radiance –
Dial the God, ask Him to bless us, dear solar plexus.

Author: adaniff

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