Men from heaven

All is ready now for your arrival
Red carpet is rolled out
And the fans are screaming their brains out
What’s going on outside?
All the fucking world went crazy?
Look, who’s coming with that flight
Aren’t they really amazing?

We are men from heaven at the age of 28
We are emperors of the world with the highest rate
I didn´t mean to sound flippant
Here we are to love and hate
We are men from heaven
Here we are to celebrate

So they´re mounting the stage
And performing their own science
Let us dance, and sing, and heap
let’s forget the street and violence
Breaking news right from my mouth:
Who will speak about Herakles?
Sun is heading straight to South
And we are so keen on miracales

We are men from heaven at the age of 28
We are emperors of the world with the highest rate
I didn´t mean to sound flippant
Here we are to love and hate
We are men from heaven
Here we are to celebrate

Well, everything ends up
So did the concert and the rain
They gave us tons of lovely stuff
Those pretty people, let’s speak plain

Blues for the sun

I see the sun rolling down the blinds,
Sky’s melting the horizon’s line
And verses come clear and close to my mind.
I want to run with wide open arms through a field of rye,
Want to cry my heart out with all my might.
When the sun’s skimming stones across the sea
Coloring sunset waves with goldfish that slowly disappear
like in a dream.

I’ll follow the sun drowning sorrows
What’ ll come out of this I don’t know
Why I feel good,
Everything’s all right

My blues for the sun is breaking all rules
And firing the gun
The bullets are shining but they’re doing no harm
They are just bringing starlight to the ground
Celestial glare, chromatic aura, colorful radiance –
Dial the God, ask Him to bless us, dear solar plexus.

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Can you see those sun beams playing on the wall?

Are they what you are really looking for?

That’s how life with no brakes can go to waste,

That’s how love can bring you more than just its taste.

Can you see those flecks of sunlight on the floor?

Is that you they are really chasing for?

There’s a world behind the sunrise and the sea,

There’s a place in South of France called Cassis

There’s that sound of waves, and wind, and stones, and cliffs

There are goldfish swimming in the sunset breeze.

Do you see that epic picture in the window?

Is that you the life outside is looking for?

Can you read the story played by lights, silhouettes and shadows ?

Is that you the playright is right for?

Closing Gestalt

It’s hard to explain, how it feels, when butterflies melt,

And world bursts into thousands of multicolored rays

That fly away back to the starting point…

Is this the end for us or just the begining?

Are there any differences, how to say and what to express,

Are there any differences?

Time’s like the sand on a beach

Erasing all traces with gentle waves

No need to pretend that nothing happened, occurred,

We can’t be cured as long as we want to be secure

Closing Gestalt,

Fill in the gap,

It’s the shape of a heart

That’s all that you had.

If a low doesn’t let you go

Living on the edge of a razor blade, 
Since I was born with an ace of spades 
Got nothing to escape breakdown 
I’m running out of fuel
What do you want to do?

If a low doesn’t let you go,
Would you stay quiet
Eating your heart out?

Bleeding from the soul 
With blood as black as coal 
Poisoned with all sorts of addictions, pain, stop-and-go rain
That’s making me insane,
since May my senses say sun spays, Sensei says

If a low doesn’t let you go
Keep calm crying your heart out
Crying your heart out.

When you’ve got no one to hold onto,
You run away and get stoned

You’re my only hope to survive among that mob 
I’m trying to receive some inspiration to explore
I’m trying to receive some inspiration to explode

Black hole star

I would’ve killed myself in the very minute I saw you,

If I just knew, what it would mean for my soul

Keep on burning all the time,

Keep on hiding pain in wine

I’ve found and lost myself in the spices of life

Though never tried to cut the largest slice

I’ll never get over you

Whoever you are

And from every point of view

You’re like a black hole star

Used to complain and quote “Life is a mess”

But we need to live nevertheless

We’ll never get over that

Whatever we do

You said I’m a spoiled brat

I’m a weirdo

You should’ve never kept that cold in your heart

I should’ve never loved, ‘cause love’s as blind as a bat

You never get over me

Whoever we are

Once you might see in glee,

I’m like a tsar arts star.